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Daybed With Pop Up Trundle

A daybed with pop up trundle is a great way to add more size to an existing daybed. Day beds are a very versatile piece of furniture as they allow you to enjoy the benefits of a bed as well a lounge at the same time. The majority of daybeds will come with a twin size mattress, which isn’t really comfortable enough for two adults to enjoy at the same time, but there is a solution.

A metal daybed with pop up trundle is an extremely popular and easy way to add more space to your existing daybed with pop up trundle. Your small twin bed suddenly becomes a much more generously proportioned king size bed, so there is plenty of room to spread out to watch your favorite movie or to curl up for an afternoon nap.

Furthermore, they can be lowered in a position that can serve as a separate sleeping area for the kids or they can be raised to the height of the main day bed if you want to enjoy all of the extra space yourself. So what differentiates a pop up trundle from any other sort of day bed and trundle combination?

A daybed with pop up trundle is much more flexible than a typical day bed with drawer trundle because while the pullout trundle also contains a twin sized mattress, it cannot be lifted to the height of the day bed. For this reason, the former is more suited to childrens sleepovers. In addition, you can buy these beds in a wide range of designs and patterns, which are sure to please and excite the young people that you buy them for.

Although the majority of these sorts of beds are going to be made from metal, you will also be pleased to know that if you want a daybed mattress for a pop up trundle in wood, then these are also available, and are usually finished in decorative oak. It may be best to purchase a wooden day bed only if you intend on buying it for yourself, as it would be possible that the wooden versions might not stand up the the rigorous play of children. In addition to that, a daybed with pop up trundle that is made from oak is usually more expensive than the cheaper, more robust kids day bed.

So what are some of the general advantages of day beds? First, they are a great way to save space. While they may occupy a bit of space when they are in use, they are able to be easily folded away when not in use. This makes them great as a space saving extra bed for an apartment. A daybed not only keeps your house looking neat and tidy, but also increases the workable life of your furniture as it is not exposed to damaging things like dust, food stains and of course, the kids at play.

Daybed With Pop Up Trundle

They are also great as a permanent piece of furniture in your son or daughters bedroom. It is perfect especially when they have friends sleep over, because with daybed covers for the pop up trundle, you never have to worry about making up a bed for them every time the need arises.